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4 Essential Pool Table Accessories


Do you have a pool table in your game room? Or are you thinking about purchasing one soon? With these four essential accessories, you can take your pool game to the next level! At West Penn Billiards, we have put together a list of accessories and equipment that are sure to up your game and make an evening of pool that much more enjoyable for you and your friends.

Regulation Pool Ball Set

High-quality pool balls are crucial for a great game of pool. It is important to invest in a pool ball set that has been properly calibrated and polished to provide playability and longevity so you can enjoy the set for years to come. To ensure your table is suitable for both beginners and casual players, be sure to buy pool balls that are regulation size and weight.

Triangle and Diamond Ball Rack

Just like pool balls, a rack is another crucial piece to your pool game. There are two types of racks you can choose from, including the traditional 8-ball triangle and the 9-ball diamond. Be sure to purchase frames that are of a regulation size to ensure they hold the balls in a compact and uniform way.

Maple Cues

All modern pool tables could use a great set of maple cues. It is recommended that you buy a set of cues where each cue comes in different weights. The ultimate cue is made of Canadian maple and will offer a sturdy and durable structure. It is also important to test the comfort and grips of the handles for the best playing experience.

Pool Cue Chalk Box

Whether you play all the time or enjoy a game of pool occasionally, a pool cue chalk box is a must-have.  It is best to look for professional-grade chalk to ensure it goes on smoothly without caking. Good chalk also helps you reduce the number of off-center hits to increase your consistent shots.

Pool Table Accessories Pittsburgh

At West Penn Billiards, we offer a wide selection of pool table accessories to take your pool game to a whole new level. From pool cues and pool balls to chalk and pool table covers, we have the accessories you need to make your pool playing experience a great one! Contact us today to learn more!