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Basketball Home Arcade Game

Basketball Home Arcade Game

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The only Arcade Quality Collegiate NCAA licensed basketball game.

Many Colleges & Universities are available, only local schools are pictured.

These quality hoops games are manufactured here in the USA by Innovative Concepts in Entertainment, Inc located in Clarence, New York. The frame is constructed of epoxy powder coated metal frame,

11 ply marine grade wood and a 1/2” impact resistant backboard.


  • Programmable gameplay from 30-60 seconds
  • Removable top arch to accommodate 8ft. (96”) ceilings
  • Real hardwood floor
  • Uses same basketballs as Hoop Fever and NBA Hoops
  • Includes strobing LED’s that move from front to back of cabinet

Game Modes:

Arcade – The classic basketball arcade game. Players race against the clock to score as many points as possible. Score 75 to get to the 2nd round. Score 100 to get to the 3rd (final) round. See who can get the all-time high score with this arcade classic.

Money Ball – Score points by making baskets – Race against the clock to score as many points as possible. Money signs are worth bonus points. $ = 5 PTS, $$ = 10 PTS

Pig – The classic game takes on the arcade. Players take turn attempting shots. If a player misses, they get a P, they miss a second time I and the third time they miss they will get a G and be removed from the game. Last player standing wins. Creativity is key – off the side bank shot? Blindfolded?

Last Shot – Get as close to zero as possible. Timer counts down from three seconds. Each player gets four shots per game.

  • Officially Licensed NCAA graphics packages
  • Includes Team Licensed Floor Mat
  • Removable top to accommodate 8-ft. ceilings

Weight: 400 lbs.
Master Dimensions: 99.00 in X 39.00 in X 101.00 in (Height is adjustable from 87 in to 101 in)

Everything for Your Game Room


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