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Why are Pool Tables Made of Slate?

Why are Pool Tables Made of Slate?
Pool tables were originally made from wood, but due to their tendency to warp, it made wood a difficult material to play on. In 1826, John Thurston took his frustration with wooden pool tables and went in search of better material, creating the first slate pool table. Slate provides a superior playing surface since it is inexpensive, easily available, and will not warp due to moisture.

What is Slate? Why are Pool Tables Made of Slate?
Slate is a type of solid rock comprised of minerals such as clay, quartz, and mica with a fine grain. This material naturally splits into level, wide pieces that can be polished flat, making slate a great material for pool tables.
While slate may be heavier and more expensive than wood, it is a material that ensures your playing surface remains level and smooth. Pool table tops made from wood or synthetics can warp easily, rendering the table unplayable.
Where is Slate Found?
Slate is a material that can be found all over the world, with India, China, and Brazil being the top slate exporters. Slate can also be found in the Ligurian region of Italy and is typically considered to be the highest quality slate for use in pool tables. This slate will commonly be marked OIS, which stands for Original Italian Slate and is known for being softer than other slates, making it easier to work with.
On the other hand, Brazilian slate is much harder but is growing in popularity due to its durability as well as the mineral makeup that makes it extremely smooth and flat. Both Brazilian and Italian slate pool tables can last for many years with proper maintenance.
Slate Pool Table Specifications
Typically, a slate pool tabletop will weigh anywhere between 400 to 600 pounds. The slate will also be three-quarters of an inch to one inch thick. This makes slate tabletops difficult and expensive to ship. For easier and safer shipping, a slate will typically be separated into three different pieces and then be reassembled when it arrives at its destination.
One-slate tables are available, but a three-segment table is easier to ship and work with. The professional installers at West Penn Billiards can ensure that all three segments match up perfectly to provide you with a perfectly flat playing surface.

High-Quality Slate Pool Tables for Your Game Room

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