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What Size Billiard Table is Considered Regulation?

What Size Pool Table is Considered Regulation?
While shopping for a pool table, you are most likely looking for a “regulation” size pool table. You may have heard this phrase in your searches, but you may be wondering what exactly regulation means.

What Does Regulation Size Mean for a Pool Table?What Size Pool Table is Considered Regulation?

This is a common question for those who are new to shopping for a pool table. The word regulation refers to the geometry of the pool table’s playing field, from cushion nose to cushion nose, measuring exactly twice as long as the table is wide.

For example, a Regulation Standard 8ft pool table should be 88 inches long and 44 inches wide. For a 9ft regulation table, the playing field should measure 100 inches long by 50 inches wide. No matter the size of the pool table, if the length of the table is twice as long as the width of the table, it’s considered to be a “regulation” size.

Common Types of Regulation Size Pool Tables
The most common types of regulation size pool tables you’ve likely seen include:
  • Bar Size 7ft.- This type of table has a 39” X 78” playfield and is commonly referred to as a “bar size” pool table. These are the coin-operated tables you will typically see in a bar or a pub.
  • Standard 8ft.- This type of table has a playfield of 44” X 88”. This is the type of table that is commonly sold for homes and other private residences.
  • Tournament 9ft.- This type of table has a playfield of 50” X 100”. This is a full-size game table that the game of billiards was originally invented on. This table is commonly used in professional tournaments.

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