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Edge II Curling & Shuffleboard 2 in 1 Game

Edge II Curling & Shuffleboard 2 in 1 Game

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Edge II Curling & Shuffleboard 2 in 1 Game “Enjoy the best of both shuffleboard and curling in one awesome & complete package! Introducing our new Edge II, a 2 in 1 shuffleboard and curling table, available in eight or ten-foot sizes. Two finishes to choose from; the sleek black and metal version in a high pressure laminate, large rounded corner posts with chrome corner caps and tonal inserts along the top edge and corners, or our traditional mahogany finish in durable Formica. Both finishes feature thick, curved pedestal legs, seamless in-leg storage shelves for your accessories as well as 6” wide chrome foot levelers. The inside walls are lined with elegant black velvet all around. The 2 in 1 shuffleboard and curling game comes with two deluxe sets of game pieces; our 16 set ergonomic handled 89gr stone set AND an 8 piece 105 gram-weight, 36mm shuffleboard puck in deluxe case set.

Now you can be among the first players anywhere to own a shuffleboard table game where the pucks actually curl! Draw around your own or your opponent’s guards. The stone and puck set are carefully material and color coordinated and engineered to work with our exclusive Cool Curling Pebble formula for optimal playability. Each Edge II table is topped off with rich table graphics and rings making the Edge II a must have for your home game room or establishment.

This durable table is also ideal for frequent-play venues. It comes with all the bells and whistles including a deluxe fitted cover and finish coordinating wood-framed scoreboard. Also included is pebble, wax, scoring marker and eraser and our upgraded board sweep for when it’s time to sweep away the used pebble into the gutter and resurface ~ Just like ice! With that special look and feel that matches the ambiance of the game, it is truly an experience to be had.

This will be the new hit of the season with your family, friends or patrons!” Call for Pricing CC 1 CC 2 CC 3 CC 4

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